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“Discovering a company such as yours across the Pacific Ocean is not easy, you have managed to do what we strive to do in America with respect to management. You are an international first class company.”
"NJLG job evaluation: Top-grade!"
"Complete proofreading of the delivered pages. High level work. First-class write-up and notes."
"Your team did the absolute finest job!"
"It seems your team, once again, was the best of all."
"We are once again impressed by your work. Thank you so much for your superior efforts."
"Excellent quality and communication abilities. Even if Japan, it is difficult to maintain the same outstanding prepress quality for so many runs."
I know we never tell you enough but big, big THANKS for everything that you and your team do for us!!!!
Our team in Kentucky really enjoys working with your team. They speak highly of the work that you provide. It is truly a great collaboration, that works very well.
Woo-hoo! I’m doing a happy dance in your honor. Your team is awesome.
The Client was very satisfied and felt the work performed was Absolutely perfect especially for the attentiveness to the additional retouching request in the Shot List.
Always great to hear this type of feedback from our customers! Great teamwork!
Just reviewed these. NICE JOB!!! You guys are great!!!!
This is fantastic… well done. Please send a big thank you and well done to all that was involved!! I’m so happy.
I just want to say these images are coming back really nice. Please tell your team in asia they are doing a great job for me!
If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, Shu and his team have the best Photoshop people I have ever seen!!!! Great job!
It was a huge help to have such tedious work done so well!
We wanted to take a brief moment to extend our appreciation for partnering. You have an excellent team and they should know how good they are!
The work has been of the highest quality and has always met the schedule
It's hard to keep the same outstanding prepress quality for so many runs, even in Japan.
Proofreading has gone through the pages you sent in. Great work. Excellent write-up and notes

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